One In A Thousand

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    One In A Thousand
  • FormatWAV
  • Bit Rate32 Bit float
  • Sample Rate440 kHz

I remember driving by a huge herd of sheep one day, and realized, every one of those sheep has a distinct personality.  If Nook were in there, I could find him instantly.

There was never any question in Nook's mind that he should go on all the walks with the goats.   He was in great shape, consequently, and one day I wondered if I could actually put a goat pack on him and take him in the mountains.  He was so broad and wooly it was like setting the pack on top of a wooly table.  When he got rather lame in his old age, I finally couldn't keep the gate open for him to join us, and he would stand there calling for us to come back for him.  Each day he would walk across the pasture to the gate with us, but there we'd have to leave him shut in the pasture.  Finally, after several days, he realized he wasn't going to get to go, but he would always cross the pasture with us.  Then he would always turn around to go back to be with the donkeys, crying mournfully the whole way back.

These are also plucked sounds created from his call in the program, Phase Plant.