Gear Info

CS 450 desktop

RME Fireface 802 soundcard

Keyboard controllers:  Physis K4, Seaboard Rise 49 (and I also have an old Korg Wavestation and a wonderful Ensoniq EPS from my old days)

Breath controller: Hornberg Hb1

Software:  Cubase 11, and samplers include HALion 6, Roli Equator 2, Izotope Iris 2

FX:  Cubase stock fx, SoundToys, Cableguys, Izotope RX 8 Advanced and other wonderful oddities, KiloHearts, Eventide, Exponential Audio reverbs, Polyverse, Palindrome, Infected Mushroom  (And I also have a special ART Multiverb from the old days that I pet every night)

Genelec speakers 

The ever necessary Furman PL Plus C and Furman F1000 UPS for those live-in-the-country electric showdown times (which happen most frequently when my neighbor turns on his huge pivot for irrigating).

Travel toys include the Korg nanoKey and Artiphon Orba.