Our Great Friend Nook

  1. 1
    Morning: Nook Hears The Birds
  2. 2
    Nook's Pluck (Peako)
  3. 3
    The Gray Nose Contest
  4. 5
    One In A Thousand
  5. 7
    Such Nice Thick Wool
  6. 8
    We Never Imagined
  7. 9
    The Great Presence

Nook the Magnificent Sheep was a 4-hour old bum lamb when he went to live with Savanah Salisbury, a young 4-H student.  For the first 6 months of his life, he lived in town, and became the darling of the neighborhood, going for walks with the other children, riding the floats in the parades, and generally becoming one of the most famous creatures in Riverton.  His only companions were people and dogs, so when he went to fair and was surrounded by other sheep, he was terrified.  He was an incredibly gentle, personable creature, and no one wanted to sell him for mutton, of course.  The Salisburys called me to ask if he could live with my goats, llama and donkeys.  So began a wonderful 14 year relationship with the most incredible animal.  

All the sounds are developed from a call from Nook, standing at my gate asking for peanuts.  The call was first recorded on my phone, out in the yard, of course, then cleaned up with iZotope’s RX8, and developed inside HALion6, then exported to the other programs.   For the story behind each piece and information on how I constructed it, click here.

You can hear that original call here, from the album Original Recorded Sounds under the title, "Nook the Sheep."   Savanah, by the way, later started her pharmacy studies at CWC where she was one of the most brilliant students I ever had.  Finally, there is one more piece I've written about him which I included in my album, Living With My Donkeys, called, "They Stand Guard Over Their Friend Nook As He Waits To Die."  (The link I've provided here is with the version with my synth horn added.)  There are more photos of him in the video and photos tab.