About Jewel: Experimental electronic music and sound design

Although educated in music, I’ve spent most of my life in psychology, first as a counselor for the seriously mentally ill and then teaching brain anatomy and neurology.  I am surrounded by the Wind River Indian Reservation, and am retired, old and arthritic.  However my consuming passions in life remain roaming the wilderness areas with my pack goats and composing music from natural sounds.  

All my music is made from sounds that are around me that I have recorded--coyotes, irrigation pipes, birds, donkeys....  I try to explore the many different ways that a sound can be heard through various sampling tools and effects.  I'm beginning to find that once I do that, I tend to return to the original animal or object with a completely new understanding of its nature.  I've discovered that in making music I better appreciate the world in which I live.   

I am nonbinary, which has given me the gift of perceiving the world in unusual ways.

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jewel@jeweldirks.com to contact me.

Instagram @steinwaygoat; for more fun vids and pix of the animals.

Youtube steinwaygoat for vids of the pack goats and donkeys in action.

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