Nook's Pluck (Peako)

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    Nook's Pluck (Peako)
  • FormatWAV
  • Bit Rate32 bit float
  • Sample Rate440 kHzz

My goat Peako loved Nook, shown here with him soon after a spring shearing. Peako would stand next to him and rub his head on Nook’s shoulder, something which I think Nook enjoyed as well too.

The plucks are designed in Phase Plant (“J Nook Pluck MORE”).  This has the “J Nook deep organ” wavetable that I developed in HALion, with a sine wave and a sawtooth wave acting as modulators.  The shimmering sound comes from IZotope’s DDLY (“J Nook Pluck”) , varying the “wet” and “trash” amount.   This pulls out the higher frequencies and delays just them.   This effect also established the rhythm.

The trombone-like sound was developed in Equator 2 (“J Nook vibrato solo”), and played on the Seaboard Rise, allowing the vibrato and slides.  This sound was also developed from the “J Nook deep organ”--this time as the sample rather than the wavetable, combined with three low sine waves.

I was able to use some side-chaining to soften the pluck accompaniment during the horn part.  Eventide’s Tverb was the reverb.”  I also used Steinberg’s StereoEnhancer to spread out the plucks a bit.