The Great Presence

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    The Great Presence
  • FormatWAV
  • Bit Rate32 Bit float
  • Sample Rate440 kHz

When he was gone, the pasture of animals was different.  We all missed his quiet, deep presence.

The incredibly deep start comes from isolating several different frequencies of Nook’s call through Iris2, (“J Nook 4 higher”), with a Comet reverb.  The drone that enters is from taking a loop of the call in Phase Plant (“J Nook Pad Long Formant”) and varying the formant by irregular LFO’s.  A filter was controlled throughout with animation, allowing me to determine when the higher frequencies would be more prominent.  The occasional bird sounds were from the call blended with the bird call in Halion, originally developed in Equator, (“J Nook Airy Equa”).  I used the Steinberg’s Imager with both the sustained sounds to vary the panning on the frequencies, automating that so it varied between the two types of drones.  Finally, the horn-like melody was the same used in the Pluck 2, now much lower.