Such Nice Thick Wool

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    Such Nice Thick Wool
  • FormatWAV
  • Bit Rate32 bit float
  • Sample Rate440 kHz

Nook had lovely fine wool.  The vet once looked at it and said that it could have made wool for knitting.  This photo is when he was being sheared.  They said his full wool coat probably weighed more than 30 pounds.

The “mystery bird” call I taped a few  years ago was combined in various ways with the Nook call.  Three instruments from iZotope were used:  “J Nook 4 Higher,” “J Nook for Rise,” and “J Nook One Note.”  The continuous 2-note humming also used Steinberg’s Stereo Delay to give it a sense of widening.  

The very beginning and the very end have selected frequencies of the original Nook call in Iris2, played on very low notes and using a Comet reverb (“J Donk Dream”).  Again, I was so impressed when I began working with Nook’s voice how he had this tremendously low note that he started on.  

Eventide’s Shimmerverb (“J Nook Cathedral half ON”) was used throughout by varying the mix of wet/dry throughout, and slightly varying the “ribbon” which controls the amount of grain modulation.  I also had a bit of a Comet reverb on (“J Nook Opening”).