Piglet Sampler (1988)

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    Pig 2 Gazing At His Reflection In The Water

These five little fat pigs were written between 1988 and 1990 when I just had a used Ensoniq EPS sampling keyboard with an onboard sequencer.  I recorded a few pizz sounds from an old violin I had, and a few other things--a toy cymbal, a meadowlark, and a little drum.  I had just purchased an Art Multiverb rack model, which gave me access to some great effects I could fiddle around with.  All this I then reduced to a little 4 track tape recorder, allowing me to put different effects on different channels. 

In the Hoggy Highdive I remember experimenting with the pan feature on the keyboard, using a simple clocking sound with my tongue.  The long jump off the imaginary highboard was when I set the keyboard to gliss on its most extreme setting, then delighted myself by playing a high note and a very low note.  The final spash sound was a layered sample of cymbals set in different keys--a sound which later blew out my ancient speakers....  Oh dear.

This is a remastered version of those five songs in an effert to get rid of the hiss created by the tape recorder and bouncing tracks back and forth.