Bo & Theo Welcome Warren to Heaven

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    Bo & Theo Welcome Warren to Heaven
  • FormatFLAC
  • Bit Rate24 Bit FLAC
  • Sample Rate44.100 kHz

Soon after my first two dogs died of old age, my father died.  A thoughtful theologian, I doubt if he believed in a heaven, but somehow the title seemed ok....   I remastered this piece I wrote way back in 1994.  This used a slow delay, which set up the rhythm, using a little Thai drum I had gotten from a music teacher.  I sampled just one tap on the drum to my Ensoniq sampling keyboard.  The whole thing was composed on that keyboard, in that at that point I didn't own a computer, let alone a nice DAW like now.  At that point I downloaded it to a four-track cassette tape recorder, so this remastering is putting it back into digital form (and getting rid of the noise from the cassette).