Original recorded sounds

  1. Frogs from Mark
    • FormatWAV

    My friend Mark from Iowa recorded these on his phone and sent them to me.

  2. Mystery Bird (for "The Evening Visitor," "Sweet Ghosts" & "Rhubarb and Strawberry Tangle")
    • FormatWAV

    We're thinking it was a red wing blackbird.  This was the first time I used RX8, which allowed me to isolate this one call from the tree full of sparrows calling.  Absolutely amazing program.

  3. Coyote (Coyote Songs)
    • FormatWAV

    (very soft recording) I recorded  this on my evening walk next to the Christensen's rocks, on the Wind River Reservation prairie.

  4. Living With My Donkeys, original call
    • FormatWAV

    This was my donkey Ouzal, one spring evening when he and his mother Blossom were chasing each other in delight.  

  5. Magpie (Living With My Donkeys)
    • FormatWAV

    Magpie recording used in Living With My Donkeys.  You can hear near the beginning that I also caught a meadowlark.

  6. Tree sounds 1 for "The Trees Sing for Mark"
    • FormatWAV

    My friend Mark from Iowa sent me several recordings of trees rubbing and knocking together.  This is the first of two.

  7. Tree sounds 2 (for "The Trees Sing for Mark")
  8. Nook the Sheep
    • FormatWAV

    Nook was standing at his usual place by the gate, calling for me to come give him peanuts.

  9. Drain Pipe, for "Pipe Dreams"
    • FormatWAV

    This was the crushed metal culvert pipe that I recorded for "Pipe Dreams."

  10. Plastic Pipe for "Pipe Dreams"
    • FormatWAV

    This is the 16 foot long, 12" PVC irrigation pipe I recorded for "Pipe Dreams"  and "Wind Ghost" from "Sweet Ghosts."

  11. Water Drop Normalized for "Sryde's Drifter CarTunes"--"Tears for the Queen of Smoke" and "Mist Ghost"
  12. Cymbal Soft Finger (for "Snow Snakes on the Road," "The Little Goat Egon..." and "I Glimpse the Cliffs")
    • FormatWAV

    This is just one of the many bell and cymbal sounds I recorded for "Snow Snakes on the Road."  This particular one was a simple tap with my finger.

  13. Rock taps from Rock Creek (for "The Little Goat Egon...")
    • FormatWAV

    I used the PCM recorder to record several different rocks clicking against each other from our favorite camping spot in the Snowy Range, down on Rock Creek.

  14. Car Braking Skid And Crash 03 (for "Stryde's Drifter CarTunes")
    • FormatWAV

    The first of three professional car sounds I bought for "Stryde's Drifter..."

  15. Car Racing Drift 2
    • FormatWAV

    The second of three professional car sounds I bought for "Stryde's Drifter..."

  16. Car Idle Two Rally Cars Revvin (for "Stryde's Drifter..." and "Particles")
    • FormatWAV

    The third of three professional car sounds. 

  17. Meadowlark for "The Lark Quartet..." and "If Saturn Had Meadowlarks"
    • FormatWAV

    A meadowlark I recorded from my home in Wyoming.

  18. Rhubarbfull
  19. Snipe Winnowing 1 Original 10 seconds in
  20. Snipe Winnowing Original 2
  21. Snipe Winnowing Clean
  22. Sunny’s Purr, "Inside The Lion's Throat"

Repository of all the original sounds I recorded for sounds used in my music.