Living With My Donkeys HORN VERSION

  1. 1
    1 Donkeysauris And The Farrier Have A Quiet Conversation
  2. 2
    2 Donkeys Have Such Soft Noses
  3. 3
    3a Donkeys Love Their Peanuts LOW Horn Version
  4. 4
    3b Donkeys Love Their Peanuts HIGH Horn Version
  5. 5
    4 They Graze As The Magpie Rides Along
  6. 6
    5 Mother And Son, They Share The Same Dream
  7. 7
    6 The Cat Naps On The Donkey's Back
  8. 8
    7 They Stand Guard Over Their Friend Nook As He Waits To Die
  9. 9
    8 Donkeys Are Slowly Eating Their Barn
  10. 10
    9 Donkeys Protect Their Goat Friends

This is the Donkey Bray part for "Living With My Donkeys, for Horn and Donkey Bray."   Contact me if you'd like a copy of the score and accompanying sounds on CD, MP3 or Card.  Click here to see how I composed these pieces. This recently received the International Alliance of Women in Music Honorable Mention for the Pauline Oliveros New Genre Prize.  

There are more photos of the donkeys here, and you can enlarge each one by clicking on it.  You can see a playlist of videos of the two of them here.  Finally, you can see yet more videos and photos of the dear guys on my Instagram account, @steinwaygoat.

If you'd like to glance at the score, click here.   If you'd like to listen to the piece with me playing the horn part, click here.