Charlotte Dreams of Winnowing

  1. 1
    Feathering the Tiny Prop Feathers
  2. 2
    Tiny Feather Prop Wash
  3. 3
    The Long Chandelle

A snipe is a bird which has the wonderful ability to soar down through the sky, making the air “winnow” through his tail feathers, producing a wonderful hu-hu-hu-hu-hu.  He will make huge loops over and over, supposedly to impress the ladies.  I usually hear this in the quiet of the evening.  All these pieces are based on a recording I made of that sound.  You can hear the original recording by going to "Snipe Winnowing" in the album, "Original Recorded Sounds."  There are three examples provided there.

After she died, I wondered if my mom had ever heard a snipe winnow.  It’s possible, since she was raised on the Wyoming prairies.  I wondered if she would have dreamt of how it would be to winnow as she looped her plane.  

This is the last photo I have of her flying.

More about each piece and how I wrote them can be accessed by clicking on the three dots to the right of each movement, then selecting "Details."

Steven V.

You create fantastic sounds.  You truly are an original!

Jewel Dirks

I appreciate that.  I'm fortunate to live in a place with such interesting sounds.